And Finally.....

Sanal ('boss')

.....if you've been wondering who it is arranges all this for you perhaps it's time we introduced you to the person responsible for bringing you all of the facilities available at The Waters Edge beach resort.

Sanal (pronounced "Sanil") is officially licensed by the Indian Government to exchange currency and is the person to see if you need to change your cash or travellers cheques for Rupees on your arrival and throughout your stay. Unlike many other money changers he checks the exchange rate every day so you can be assured you will be getting the best value for your money. He can also arrange any trips you fancy taking as well as sorting out your Ayurvedic treatment or tailoring requirements.

He has built up the resort from being just a small restaurant with a couple of helpers to a comprehensive holiday facility offering everything you may require to have a pleasant and relaxing holiday in Kovalam.

Sanal is always around throughout the day and is more than happy to stop and chat with you at any time.


No visit to The Waters Edge is complete without saying "Hello" at least to Arjun. He lives at The Waters Edge and is cared for by everyone who works there and the Seagull Restaurant.

He has very sad eyes and a look that immediately makes you think he needs some loving. But don't be fooled, Arjun is possibly one of the best cared for dogs on Samudra beach and is actually a very contented and happy dog. He is well fed (so doesn't need scraps fed to him at the table) and more importantly is fully vaccinated every year against all major diseases, including Rabies.

So if you should see him wandering (or sometimes he breaks in to a trot) towards you, please don't be afraid - all he will want from you is just a little smooth and fussing for a minute or two.