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Trips & Excursion

During your stay in India why not spend some time seeing more of the country by enjoying one of the many trips available.

Whilst the list below gives details of the most popular trips, if you wish to visit a particular place or view a specific event then speak with Sanal and he will be more than happy to organise this for you.

Prices for the trips vary depending on the time of year/numbers involved etc. but Sanal guarantees value for money and a more personalised service than some of his competitors.

If you contact us requesting details of any trip and don't receive a response immediately please do not worry. We don't examine e-mails on a daily basis and because of this it may be a week or two (or possibly longer if out of season) before we get back to you. Pricing some of the trips may in itself not be possible until nearer the dates you wish to travel as costs change from one week to another.

Rest assured we will respond to your communication.